Eliska Bartek la “stella” di CascinafarsettiArt 2013

ELISKA BARTEK  la “stella” di cascinafarsettiArt 2013

Presso  PHOTO EDITION  2013


Czech avantgarde, modern and contemporary photography with works by Jaroslav Rössler, Jaromir Funke, Frantisek Drtikol, Jiri Sigut, Ales Kunes, Suzanne Pastor, Nadia Rovderova, Eliska Bartek.

Curated by Suzanne Pastor, Prague und Gunther Dietrich (photo edition berlin)

Opening recezeption: Sat. 13th July at 7pm

The exhibition Czech Fundamental intends to engage the viewer in a kind of dialectic, or dialogue, between Czech photography from the very beginnings of the avant-garde and a selection of work by five contemporary artists. Works by photographers fundamental to the development of a specifically Czech vision – Frantisek Drtikol, Jaroslav Rossler and Jaromir Funke – will be contrasted by /confronted with the very different visions of Jiri Sigut (conceptual photograms), Nadia Rovderova (color impressions), Ales Kunes (negative objects), Suzanne Pastor (hand-colored still-lifes and glass book sculptures) and Eliska Bartek (Cliché Verre).

The exhibition will be moderately enhanced by a further selection of work by Milos Korecek, Vaclav Zykmund, Miroslav Hak, Josef Sudek and Jan Svoboba.

It has been curated by Photo-Edition-Berlin director Gunther Dietrich with the assistance of Suzanne Pastor in Prague, after a series of discussions during the recent event Prague Photo. Suzanne Pastor has lived and worked in the Bohemian capitol for well over 20 years, after living ten years in Germany where she was confronted for the first time with Czech photography at the Rudolf Kicken Gallery in Cologne. She came to Europe in 1980 after working at the George Eastman House museum in Rochester, NY, to study in Kassel with Floris Neusüss and Klaus Honnef. She moved to Prague in 1990 to establish/found Prague House of Photography, where she worked as director and curator while continuing to be active in numerous other activities such as collecting, writing, lecturing and art-making.



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